EXCLUSIVE: Juicy Couture and Emi Jay Team on 2000s-inspired Collection

Juicy Couture and Emi Jay are teaming up to create a hair accessories collection for the holidays that blends both brands’ early Aughts aesthetics.
The fashion label and hair accessories brand, respectively, are partnering on a collaboration for the holiday season. The 10-piece hair accessories collection is infused with early Aughts nostalgia, which are hallmarks of both companies.
“In the last year, we’ve really just as a whole embodied a lot of early 2000s trends,” explained Emi Jay founder Julianne Goldmark. “A lot of girls were gravitating toward color coming out of quarantine, funkier hairstyles and brighter and bolder pieces. With a lot of our campaign imagery over the last year, we did pull a lot of early 2000s inspiration and Juicy [Couture] kind of picks up on that. They felt like OG Juicy [Couture] was so true to current day Emi Jay. We felt there was such a tie between the two brands.”
To design the collection, Emi Jay looked to early 2000s romantic comedies and “It” girls of that era, such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Hilary Duff. The brand also looked at archival pieces and campaigns from Juicy Couture to reference the fashion brand’s heritage.
Styles from the Emi Jay

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