JoJo Siwa Proudly Says “I’m Gay” on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution

An important message. 

Last night’s episode of Siwas Dance Pop Revolution on E! was a special one. 

As JoJo Siwa and her mom Jessalynn Siwa continued mentoring a group of tweens competing in a series of challenges and performances with the end goal of landing a coveted role in the newly formed music group, XOMG Pop—which will be managed by Jessalynn and serve as an opening act for JoJo—they’re making sure to impart wisdom along the way.

For example, this week, the contestants weren’t learning just any old routine, but one that had “a deeper meaning,” as Jessalynn put it. 

“Sometimes, you ever feel like you don’t fit in?” she asked the girls after explaining the alien-themed, optical illusion dance. “Ever feel like you don’t belong? That’s kind of what I mean by an alien.”

The routine’s themes certainly resonated for JoJo, she revealed herself in a confessional.